Monday, November 5, 2012

The 2nd of November, 2012 -- Session 2, Final Outlines and Some Shading

Outlining complete and shading begins.

Soundtrack of the session. Soothing new age tones by the Mississippi Sheiks, Vance's Tennessee Breakdowners, Whistler and His Jug Band, etc.

The 20th of October, 2012 -- Session 1, Basic Outline Continued

General outline done.

Soundtrack of the session. Zydeco by one the great masters! All Hail Boozoo...

The 20th of October, 2012 -- Session 1, Basic Outline

                                                                   The first line.

The soundtrack for the session is some of my favorite Zydeco: Boozoo Chavis!
This is what I was passing during the tattoo, a jagged beast of a kidney stone. Note the tiny crystals. 

Time for a short break.

The 20th of October, 2012 -- Session 1, Preparation

                                               Exotic shot of my hairy virgin back.

Bob finishes up the stencil illustration.

Time to shave the fields.

Stencil applied, wetted down and removed.

The 28th of September, 2012

While completing my left leg with a Stoney St. Clair tattoo, Bob Roberts presented his "Battle Royale" sketch. I loved it, naturally. He took a tracing of my back and said he'd contact me when it's ready.